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I recently had met with a seasoned life insurance agent. He has been in the business for over 18+ years. You can imagine the amount of families he has helped, knowledge, and stories he has heard and witnessed. I asked him "So, what was one of the most impactful moments so far in life insurance?" Without hesitation he said "my parents." Here is the short version of the story...

He explained that when he got started he immediately looked for life insurance for his family. This included himself, his spouse, two uncles and his grown cousins. He wanted to protect them and more the "loved ones left behind", since they really didn't have the cash for even a tiny burial and funeral.

His parents however were determined to wait, just one more year... Thinking the could save the monthly premium in the bank. Well a year later, no saved money. The year after, actually about 20 months into his career, his father was diagnosed with a life threatening disease, left him handicapped. He became uninsurable, no life insurance company would provide him a policy.

He regretted not forcing the issue slightly more. The importance of life insurance is no joke. He even mentioned that his dad was unable to return to work. There could have been a life insurance policy that would distribute cash monthly from his inability to work. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN... his dad could have had a life insurance policy that if he became handicapped and un able to work.... the insurance policy would send him a check monthly.

DON'T WAIT... you have nothing to loose in protecting your family... THEY DO.

A policy of $10,000-$50,000 for final expense can make the biggest difference. Give them the gift...


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